The Endowed Chair

“For more than a decade, we searched for a solution to free Nina of her epileptic seizures. We saw neurologist after neurologist and could only turn up temporary fixes and medications to control the seizures. In spite of this devastating curse, Nina graduated from high school at age 16 with straight A’s and gained honorable acceptance into the University of California, San Diego.
Yet, the seizures became uncontrollable in her first semester away from home. Her roommate couldn’t deal with the seizures and so moved out. Alone, Nina tried to control the seizures with higher doses of medication and never complained or cried for help. It wasn’t until we received her failing grades on a report card that she admitted her life had deteriorated.  Continue


Dr. Nina Davies Epilepsy Treatment Center

Imagine that you have a child in the 1st grade in school. Until today he or she has been very healthy. friendly, happy and was the picture of health.

But one day your child starts to have strange symptoms. He or she stares into space and does not hear what you say. This takes a few seconds, sometimes up to a minute or so. Then the child loses control of his bladder for no apparent reason. This happens at home, at school, in church. You are scared, in fact, in some cases terrified.