Expanding Public Awareness of Epilepsy

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“Nina’s Courage in Epilepsy”

“NINA, A STORY OF UNCOMMON COURAGE”. (Print Edition Title)  Contact Author at   info@ninascourage.org  for availability and cost.  The book is available in bulk quantities for fundraising activities.

A story that needs to be told.  Dr. Alfonsina Q. Davies, “Nina” to her family and friends, lived her entire life with a secret.  Beginning in infancy, she was one of as many as seventy million people worldwide and three million Americans living with epilepsy.  Despite this grave diagnosis, she determined to live life to the fullest, she put on a brave face and fought the often misunderstood disease until it took her life at age 52.  A quote from someone who bought the book : “It’s going on 4 days now reading Nina’s story, I start to cry and have to put it down. What a lovely young woman she is and, I wish I had been in her life to share her goodness and courage. I am humbled.” Mary Ann Johnson, Las Vegas. One more testimonial of many received : “The book arrived late Saturday and after returning from church this morning I sat down to read this beautiful story about the loss of your angel baby.  I am sure it took me longer than most as it is impossible to read through the tears plus the times I sobbed and held the book to my heart. Thank you for this beautiful memorial.” Dorothy Glascock, Idaho

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Nina's Courage in Epilepsy